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Over the last year I had been working on a novel. I had gotten close to completion when an idea was passed on to me, by a friend, to turn it into a comic book instead. I have gone in that direction and with the help of Jerome Canty, the comic is now becoming a reality. 
 Jerome Canty took a shine to my book after responding to an ad, then after seeing his work 
linked here(https://jeromecantyart.wordpress.com/) he became the illustrator of the Legion Chronicles. 

 Over the next few weeks we will see the release of the first edition and then we will be working on the subsequent chapters which will be released as soon as they are finished.




12/02/2014 00:00

Legion chronicles will be running a competition with  kingdom of Airsoft  watch this space.

competition winners

08/04/2013 16:37

The competition winners can be found on this page https://legion-chronicles.webnode.com/competition-/

Competition Ended

07/04/2013 00:32


The competition has ended a little later than expected but things are back on schedule 30% of internet domination complete.

Technical Difficulty’s

10/03/2013 14:58


Ok after some technical difficulty’s with the website things seem to have calmed down and im hoping to have the blog up and running soon. 20% of internet domination complete now to take over google+.

twitter feed

26/02/2013 17:31

15% of internet domination completed lets see what else I can invade :)


Legion chronicles character competition

06/02/2013 18:54

There will be a chance for 3 people to win a copy of the first issue of the comic

to be entered in to the competition I want you to design your own character and come up with a back story for them

not only will the 3 winners get the comics but the characters will also be used in the next set of comics

the event will finish Sunday, 31 March 2013 and winners will be announced at a later date 

all entrys are to be sent to https://legion-chronicles.webnode.com/competition-/

with a link to the picture of your character

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